Daily Incidents for March 28, 2006

Boston Police and Coast Guard Play GuardianEarly this morning at 5:00am, officers assisted the Coast Guard for a fishing vessel that was in danger of sinking 10 miles out in the Boston Harbor. “Guardian,” the vessel, had struck rocks resulting in engine failure. The Coast Guard and Boston Police Harbor Patrol had to bring four pumps on board to stabilize the boat while all the individuals were safely removed from the vessel. No injuries were reported and the boat was towed to the Boston Shipyard for removal and repair.
Some People Make It Too Easy…
Around 11:20am yesterday, a 44-year-old Brookline woman reported her car stolen at 156 Cambridge Street. She reported that she left the key in the ignition with the car running while she went into her business for about three minutes. When she came back, her gray Toyota sedan was gone. The incident was reported to the Stolen Vehicle Unit.
24 Year Old Gets Bike Stolen by Juvenile
Police from District 4 responded to a radio call for a person being robbed at 196 Northampton Street around 4:50pm yesterday. While in route to the call, the officers observed two suspects riding on a bike and attempted to stop them. The two suspects fled on the bike for several blocks, before jumping off of it and fleeing in separate directions. Both suspects were eventually apprehended and the victim was brought to the scene. He properly identified one of the suspects but the other he did not know. A 16 year old from Jamaica Plain was arrested.
Dorchester Juvenile Arrested for Firearm Possession
Yesterday at approximately 5:00pm, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force were on random patrol at Intervale Street when they noticed a large group at the location. When two of the individuals saw the officers, they fled the scene. When the officers pursued the suspects, they observed one of the suspects continually clutching his waist, an action consistent with an individual carrying a firearm. Officers observed him run behind some trees before reemerging with his hands free. He was eventually apprehended and the area was searched. Behind the trees, officers found a BB gun, which was held as evidence. The other suspect was able to escape, but the 16-year-old Dorchester boy was arrested on charges of Possession of a Dangerous Weapon and was found to have a Parole Violation Warrant.
Unlawfully Carrying a Firearm Yields Two Arrests
Officers were on patrol yesterday at 6:45pm at Dean Street and Howard Avenue when they noticed a vehicle with a nonfunctioning headlight. They also observed the driver of the vehicle and had received prior information that he was unlawfully carrying a firearm. When the officers approached the vehicle, the driver remained on his cell phone and ignored the officers. After searching the car, a firearm was found in the glove compartment and the two passengers, Richard Allen, 19, of Roxbury, and Robert Edwards, 21, of Dorchester, were placed under arrest.

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