Elderly Programs

“Walk the Beat”

Officers from the Unit have created several walking groups throughout the city with the 55+ community. These programs are a partnership between the unit, the district community service offices, Age Strong Boston, and other community organizations including local businesses (Starbucks, City of Boston Credit Union, etc.).

The programs have evolved from their original goal of promoting healthy lifestyles through walking while at the same time strengthening the police/community relationship to also providing o in ur 55+ members with opportunities such as Arts and Craft Classes, “field trips” to events hosted by the Boston Parks Department, movie days, and other cultural events.

Police Officer Merecedes Parker

Or - for Charlestown or the North End, contact
Community Liaison Christine Vraibel

Taxi Discount Coupon Program

The Elderly Commission partners with Boston Police Department Hackney Division to provide an affordable transportation option.

Under this program, City of Boston residents age 65 and over, as well as disabled residents of all ages may purchase coupon books worth $10 at a cost of $5 per book (a 50% discount) for all taxis licensed by the City of Boston.

  • Taxi Coupons do not expire.
  • You must be a resident of Boston to purchase coupons and proper ID is required.
  • Coupons can only be purchased with cash.
  • A maximum of two books per person per month can be purchased.
  • All City of Boston licensed taxi cab drivers are required to accept Taxi Discount Coupons.

Coupon books can be purchased at Boston City Hall, Room 271, or at various sites throughout the city. Please call 617-635-4366 for more information.

For BPD related questions on the following initiatives, please contact Inclusion Officer: Police Officer Michelle Maffeo


North Star Personal Alert Program

The North Star Personal Alert Program is a voluntary program for parents, guardians or caretakers of children and individuals that may have a tendency to wander or are a flight risk from a specific location (home, school, nursing home etc.). The program is designed to help individuals that may have a difficult time communicating with First Responders and, in some cases, do not understand the potential danger he/she may be in. This Program is geared towards, but not limited to, children/individuals with Autism/Autistic Spectrum Disorders and individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

If interested, you can contact BPD regarding North Star at (617) 343-9557, by email at northstar@pd.boston.gov


Safety Net Tracking Liaison

When an individual with cognitive conditions such as autism, developmental disability, dementia or Alzheimer’s becomes an active wanderer or a flight risk from their home, we recommend a safety net tracking bracelet. BPD has a grant that can purchase the bracelet for the individual. Work with families to help provide a safety plan for that individual.

The Customer Service line for Safety Net which is (877) 434 6384 and the email is customerservice@safetynettracking.com