Hackney / Taxi

The Hackney Carriage Unit of the Boston Police Department is responsible for regulating all Taxis, Sight-seeing Automobiles, Horse and Carriages, and Pedi-cabs in the City of Boston. We are constantly striving to improve the safety, quality and professionalism of these vital industries.




Sight-Seeing Automobiles

About Licensed Hackney Carriages

Boston’s Taxis, historically called Hackney Carriages, are licensed by the Police Commissioner under the authority of Chapter 392 of the Acts of 1930. The Hackney Carriage Unit is the oldest specialized unit in the Police Department, founded the same year as the Department in 1854. The unit is commanded by a Boston Police Superior Officer who bears the title of Inspector of Carriages and who regulates the taxi industry as directed by the Police Commissioner. The Department has recently issued a comprehensive revision of the rules governing Hackney Carriages for the first time since 1950 and welcomes comment as to further revisions and updates.