Pit Bull Caught with 108 Bags of Marijuana in her Mouth

Members of the Boston Police Drug Control Unit and Massachusetts State Police received information about drug dealing at 1412 Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton. On today’s date, at about 12:12pm, officers from the Boston Police Drug Control Unit and Massachusetts State Police observed Edwardo Pimentel, 23, and Hannah Gephart, 21, both of Brighton exiting 1412 Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton apartment the officers received information about and were investigating. Both suspects entered a vehicle and Pimentel, whose driver’s license is suspended, entered the driver’s seat. The officers approached the vehicle and stopped the two suspects. The driver was told he license was suspended and informed by the officers that they had information that he was involved in drug dealing. Gephart, the passenger of the vehicle, gave the officers permission to search the apartment and informed them that she had a Juan Ozoria, 24, of Dorchester staying in the apartment with her.The officers conducted a search of the apartment after consent forms were signed. Officers recovered the following items in side the apartment: a silver colored loaded firearm, a jar located on a bedroom nightstand with 14 small bags of marijuana, a bag of white powder believed to be cocaine* and a pill, a tin container with 1,000.00 in United States Currency, and an electronic scale. While one of the Detective’s was searching a bedroom, he noticed Pimentel’s pit bull named “Prada” running around the room with a tan colored plastic bag in her mouth. While the Detective was attempting to remove the bag from the dog’s mouth, the bag tore open and the Detective observed several plastic bags containing marijuana. All 108 bags were recovered from the dog’s mouth after a vigorous struggle.
“Prada” was placed into his crate, while all the people in the apartment were placed under arrest and transported to District 14. Pimentel is charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition, Violations of the Auto Laws, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D. Gephart and Ozoria were both charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D. All three will be arraigned in the Brighton District Court.
* This entry originally identified the white powder as marijuana

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