Armed Assault Results in Three Arrests in Allston

Officers from District 14 responded to Cambridge and Lincoln Streets yesterday at approximately 1:40pm on report of a person with a gun. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victims who reportedly were at the Super 88 Market at 1099 Commonwealth Avenue when a vehicle with a black male and two Asian males made a degrading comment to the female victim. A verbal dispute ensued before one of the Asian suspects pulled out a gun and asked the victims if there was a problem. All parties left the scene, but met up again at the intersection on Cambridge and Linden Streets. The Asian suspect then leaned out the side of the window and threatened the victims with his firearm. The victims fled and the suspects pursued them, but only after letting the Asian male with the weapon exit the vehicle.When officers arrived at the scene, they arrested Jason Turner, a 22-year-old Brockton who was a passenger in the vehicle. The Asian male, Allston resident Ra Chan, 28, was walking down the street and threw his firearm under a vehicle. When he noticed police in the area, he fled but was apprehended and arrested as well. The third suspect fled the scene. Both suspects were arrested on charges of Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and transported to District 14 for booking. The firearm was recovered and the suspects will be arraigned today in

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