Brighton Officers Continue to Make a Difference

The following incidents all took place in Brighton20 Kegs, One Live Rock Band, 5 Arrested at Brighton House Party
Officers from District 14 responded to 33 Arden Street, for a report of a fight at 9:00pm last night. A Federal Express driver told police he was threatened and chased from the Arden Street house after asking for a signature for a package he was delivering. Officers went to the house and observed a large group drinking from plastic cups on the street, sidewalk, porch and yard of 33 Arden Street. After making their way into the open house, officers observed 20 kegs of beer inside the house and yard, a live band playing in the living room, guests vomiting in the kitchen, an several overcrowded rooms throughout the house. Officers located the hosts of the party, 25-year-old Brian Jolly of Brighton and 29-year-old Julio Santiago of South Portland, Maine and informed them of the dangers that were present and that the party must end. A female guest upset at the early termination of her good time threw a half filled cup of beer at the officers. Meredith Nadler, 23 of Brighton was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Disturbing the Peace. Two other guests, 22-year-old Willard Hamilton of Portland, Maine and 25-year-old Andrew Simpson of Allston were also arrested after they ignored officer’s requests to leave. Both Jolly and Santiago were arrested for interfering with the arrests of the other guests and face charges of Disturbing the Peace. All five will be arraigned in Brighton District Court on Monday morning.
Concerned Neighbor Helps Police Catch Females Breaking into Car
At 2:10 this morning District 14 officers met a man on Hooker Street who told them that he just witnessed three females break into his neighbor’s car and remove a red CD case. He directed the officers to the rear of 12 Haskell Street where he followed the three suspects. Officers went to the second floor and found 12-15 people at a party. The three suspects, 20-year-old Amanda Hayes of Derry, NH, 18-year-old Cassandra Bell of Methuen and a 16-year-old Juvenile from Las Vegas, were brought downstairs, identified by the witness and arrested. They will be arraigned on Monday for Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle/ Receiving Stolen Property. The Stolen CD case was returned to the owner.
Cape Cod Pair Arrested for Fighting Cops
District 14 officers responded to 80 Brooks Street for two males yelling in the street. Officers arrived and had to separate 18-year-old Joseph Green of Marston Mills and 18-year-old Justin Folone of Mashpee, who were fighting in the street. The pair were told to walk away and ended up down the street fighting again. Officers separated the two a second time and Green turned on the officers throwing a punch hitting one officer in the shoulder. A violent struggle ensued and both were taken into custody for Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. They too will be arraigned Monday in Brighton District Court.

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