PURSE SNATCHER CAUGHTAt 6:29pm Boston Police responded to 8 Park Plaza, for a report of a purse snatching. Officers spoke with the victim who explained while waiting to be seated at the restaurant, a female passed by, brushed up against her and removed her brown tote bag. Other witnesses saw the suspect leave the restaurant heading towards Boylston Street carrying a Martini and the victims bag. Officers broadcast a description of the suspect and while searching the area, observed a woman fitting the suspect’s description walking out of another restaurant on Boylston Street. The suspect was brought back to the scene and identified as the woman who stole the bag. The suspect was found to be in possession of the victim’s credit card. While officers were assisting the victim, they received a radio call reporting two found bags located in a restaurant on Boylston Street. Officers proceeded to the other restaurant where the suspect had been and recovered the brown tote bag belonging to the victim. The victim’s belongings were returned to her with the exception of $25.00, a cashmere sweater and her medications.
Cheryl Macmillan, 42, of Somerville will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday and charged with Assault to Rob Unarmed, and Buying, Receiving or Concealing Stolen Goods.
At Oak Street and Harrison Avenue, downtown Boston, at approximately 11pm Boston Police arrested Robert Wright, 41, of Boston for failing to register as a sex offender. He will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday.
At 2:51pm, while conducting Operation Home Safe, officers were traveling on Folsom Street at Woodward Park when they observed a male wearing a red basketball shirt over a black sweatshirt with the left side of his sweatshirt bulging out, and hanging lower than the right side. Officers also observed that the individual’s left hand was against this bulge in a manner that was consistent with a person holding a heavy item. Through officers training and experience, this was consistent with a person concealing a weapon. At this time, officers believed that the individual could be caring a firearm. Officers then pulled their cruiser over and identified themselves as Boston Police. As officers opened the door in order to speak with the suspect, he ran away from officers on Folsom Street toward Woodward Park.
Officers then followed the suspect on foot. When the suspect ran next to a fence bordering an auto lot at the intersection of Folsom Street and Dudley Street, an officer observed him reach and pull out a black and metallic colored firearm, and throw it with his right hand over the fence. The suspect then crossed Folsom Street and ran into the playground at that location. Officers pursued the suspect through the playground and stopped him across the street of 626 Dudley St.
After returning to the area where the suspect threw the firearm, officers recovered a black metallic colored .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun loaded with four .45 caliber rounds of ammunition.
It was determined that the suspect is a juvenile and will be charged with Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Ammunition, and Resisting arrest.

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