Internet worm advisory

A worm (internet virus) is currently spreading by email. Users receive an email, purportedly from the FBI, warning them that their IP address has been logged by the FBI on illegal websites. The message goes on to instruct the user to open an attached file. Do not open the file.See this story for details.

If the attached file is run, the worm scans the user\’s hard drive for other email addresses, in its search for other computers to infect.
\”This variant of the Sober worm may catch out the unwary as they open their email inbox this morning,\” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos. \”Every law-abiding citizen wants to help the police with their enquiries, and some will panic that they might be being falsely accused of visiting illegal websites and want click on the unsolicited email attachment. All users should be reminded to follow safe computing guidelines, and PCs should be kept automatically updated with the latest anti-virus protection. Anyone who may have information about the Sober worm\’s author should report it to the computer crime authorities. This malware writer has been maliciously attacking innocent computer users for over two years, and must be stopped.\”

The FBI has posted an advisory on it’s website.

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