RESOURCE FOR CITY RESIDENTS TO REPORT AFTER-HOURS PARTIESThe Boston Police Party Line is now in service citywide. The purpose of the Party Line is to give city residents a direct contact for reporting the occurrence of loud after-hours parties. Please make note of the telephone number, which is 617-343-5500.
Police Commissioner Ed Davis stated, “As part of our ongoing efforts to address public safety concerns and the reduction of violent behavior, the citywide party line is yet another tool to gather intelligence and provide residents with an additional mechanism to communicate with police. Mayor Menino and I heard the communities concerns about this issue and we sought to quickly provide a solution.”
The Party Line is citywide, and each District will be responsible for dispatching its own unit to the reported location. All reports will be investigated. Illegal sale of alcohol and/or disturbances will be cause for police action. Please be prepared with important details when reporting an incident, they include:
· address
· whether the party is inside or outside
· the floor or apartment number
· whether the Boston Police would be able to gain entry to the building
· the amount of time the party has been going on
If the call is concerning a party that is no longer in progress, the caller will be referred to the District Community Service Officer. The Boston Police Intelligence Unit will continue to closely monitor calls and information concerning planned or anticipated after-hours parties. In these cases, a District Duty Supervisor will be notified and preventative measures will be taken.
The Boston Police recommend that residents take full advantage of this service as a means of preventing late night disorderly behavior, the increased possibility of crime and other incidents that result from after-hours gatherings. Do remember that in a case of an emergency situation, please dial 911.
Boston Police are pleased to report the peaceful and successful conclusion to a recent after-hours incident that was the direct result of intelligence police were able to ascertain prior to the event.
Here’s What Happened:
On Saturday, March 31, 2007 at approximately 1:32 am, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 11 Iowa Street to put an end to an illegal after-hours party. Officers had been made aware at roll call earlier in the evening that there may be a party at 11 Iowa Street.
On arrival, officers observed numerous cars illegally parked Officers then knocked several times at both the front and back door. Officers in the rear could hear a large number of people running up and down stairs inside the residence and telling people to be quiet because “They’re out back.”
Eventually officers were able to gain entrance to the apartment. Police asked numerous times if the owner or renter was present. None of the partygoers claimed to know whose residence it was. Police ordered every person to leave. Police estimated the crowd to be over 250 people. One suspect resisted and was placed under arrest for Disturbing the Peace and Disorderly Person.
After the apartment emptied out, the police recovered a firearm and ammunition, seized the DJ equipment, seized a medium sized bag containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana, towed two cars illegally parked and summonsed the owner of the home to court for Keeper of a Disorderly House and Disturbing the Peace.

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