Teaming Up for Safe Streets

Police Commissioner Ed Davis Announces New Community Policing EffortOn March 10, 2007, Police Commissioner Ed Davis will institute the Boston Police Department’s latest community policing effort focused on a proactive and preventative crime reduction strategy. Commissioner Davis will deploy prevention teams known as ‘Safe Street Teams’ in areas experiencing disorder and violent crime.
Three teams comprised of six officers will be deployed to three areas in the city including Downtown, Grove Hall and Bowdoin and Geneva. A Boston Police Sergeant will direct each team and their walking beat will cover approximately several city blocks. This program is an opportunity to decrease the crime rate and improve police-community relations in each Safe Street Team’s assigned area. This new deployment will allow officers to have sustained, meaningful contact with business owners and families and provide a valuable opportunity to address quality of life issues effecting local residents.
Police Commissioner Davis stated, “This commitment is necessary to reduce resident’s fear in chronic high crime areas. I am confident that this strategy is an effective way for Boston Police officers to continue to strengthen ties with our communities, address quality of life issues and deter crime.”
Each ‘Safe Street Team’ is considered a long-term assignment. The program will expand with the graduation of each new Police Academy class. Deployment will be effective as of Saturday, March 10, 2007, however, the selection process for each permanent team continues.

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