Preventing Residential Burglaries

One of the more consistent concerns that we hear from residents is the fear of burglaries. The Boston Globe today highlights the fact that the number of burglaries has decreased so far in 2006. The story is notable for detailing why the number of burglaries have actually dropped, and cites enhanced vigilance by residents as one of the factors.Burglaries are a preventable crime. The advice we always offer residents is simple but effective: Lock your doors, lock your windows, and get to know your neighbors. Most thieves are opportunists – they look for the easiest target, and will often move on if they find a house or an apartment that they consider to be too secure.
View a Tip Sheet listing the seven things you can do to secure your home against burglaries . (Prepared by officers in District A-1)
Also available is a Tip Sheet on securing your motor vehicle against theft and break-ins.

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