Officers from District 2 use their “Vice Grips” to “Squeeze” this Operation

Designed and put into effect to enhance the quality of life for Boston’s residents, Operation Vice Grip and Operation Squeeze were conducted the past two days in the Roxbury neighborhood making numerous arrests. The operation is an organized plan that uses undercover officers as decoys to arrest prostitutes and “johns” who are adversely affecting the quality of life in the city’s various neighborhoods.The following people were arrested during the Operation:
Deion Kelow (F), 37, of Roxbury
Belinda Crawford, 54, of Dorchester
Gary Paillant, 43, of Dorchester
Ronney Moraldo, 41, of Dorchester
Eaine Meca A.K.A. Marquis Meca, 19, of Roslindale
Ginel Louis, 47, of Dorchester.
All of these people were charged with Solicitation of Sex for a Fee and will be arraigned in the Roxbury District Court. One of the suspects was operating a taxi at the time of arrest. That arrest will be further investigated by the Boston Police Hackney Unit.
While conducting this operation yesterday morning, officers observed a vehicle being operated at a high rate of speed on Dudley Street. The officers conducted a motor vehicle stop at which time they discovered a strong odor of marijuana inside the vehicle. Officers recovered a bag of marijuana in the vehicle ant the driver, Evan Allison, 23, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Possession of Class D as well as violations of the auto laws.
This morning at about 6:13, an undercover female officer was approached by a vehicle containing two black males, on Blue Hill Avenue and Huckins Street. The front seat passenger, a 47-year-old Dorchester resident exited the motor vehicle to talk with the undercover officer. The driver of the vehicle then proceeded up the street and returned stopping in front of one of the surveillance vehicles that was occupied by officers. The driver of the vehicle, Antoine Clark A.K.A. Stephan Allen, 32, of Roxbury and the passenger offered the undercover officer money in exchange for sex. The undercover officer gave the signal that an offer had been made and the arrest teams began to move in. The passenger had opened the passenger door to the motor vehicle as a uniformed officer approached the vehicle from the front in a marked cruiser with his lights and siren on, additional officers attempted to block the rear of the suspect vehicle with an unmarked police vehicle, when suspect Clark/Allen proceeded to back away with the passenger door still open. The open door struck the undercover officer and knocked her to the ground, then struck and dragged the passenger about twenty feet knocking him into a light pole. Officers from District 2 observed the suspect vehicle turn up Nonquit Street, which is a dead end street when the suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot eventually being apprehended by officers in the rear of 20 Nonquit Street.
Officers recovered a clear plastic bag containing 69 smaller plastic bag of crack cocaine and one medium plastic bag of crack cocaine, found to be in excess of 29 grams. Also seized from the suspect was $1317.00 of U.S. Currency. Officers also located four- $20 bills on the center console of the suspect vehicle that appeared to be counterfeit.
Boston EMS responded and transported suspect the suspect to the Boston Medical Center, a second ambulance transported the officer to a local hospital where she was treated and released. The United States Secret Service was notified of the counterfeit bills. Suspect Clark/Allen is charged with: Trafficking Class B Drugs in a School Zone, two counts of Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (Motor Vehicle), two counts of Leaving the Scene of an Accident Causing Personal Injury, Operating a Motor Vehicle without a License, Soliciting Sex for a Fee, Driving to Endanger, and Possession of Counterfeit Notes. The injured passenger will be summonsed to Roxbury District Court for Solicitation of Sex for Fee.

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