Daily Incidents for March 10, 2006

Traffic Violation Leads to Three ArrestsA District 11 officer was on Dorchester Avenue at Savin Hill Avenue last evening at 7:40pm when he noticed a car run through a red light. When he pulled the car over, he noticed a strong odor emitting the vehicle that smelled like marijuana. He requested the three passengers to exit the vehicle and patted them down individually. The driver and front passenger, two white males from Lynn, were carrying small bags of marijuana and were arrested for Possession of Class D Drugs. The rear seat passenger, a 25-year-old Hispanic man from Dorchester, had larger individually wrapped bags of marijuana. He was arrested and charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D within 1000 Feet of a School Zone.
Bar Manager of Kings Club Arrested for Fight
Police responded to the Kings Club last night on Dalton Street for an Assault and Battery. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated he got into an argument with Genesmar Junior, the 20-year-old bar manager of the club, and was punched and thrown to the ground by club employees. The victim had several cuts on his face as well as a bloody nose and mouth. He positively identified the suspect before he was transported to New England Medical Center for treatment. Junior was charged with Assault and Battery and was transported to District 4 for booking.
Sister of Paintballing Juvenile Gets Arrested
A Roslindale woman was in her first floor apartment last night around 10:30pm on Hyde Park Avenue when she heard a loud bang on each of her seven windows. When she stepped outside, she saw two juveniles running away and noticed yellow paint on her windows, which were hit by a paintball gun. When officers went to the juvenile’s residence, the juvenile was not there. However, his sister and another Roslindale woman were at the residence and were fighting. Officers separated the two women and arrested them for Affray and Disturbing the Peace.
Graffiti Makers Arrested on Boylston
At approximately 12:30am this morning, officers responded to a call for three kids climbing the fire escape at 815 Boylston Street. Upon arrival, officers found three white males, two 18-year-olds and one 22-year-old from Lynn, hiding on the roof. All three suspects had backpacks full of spray paint as well as having paint on their hands. The suspects were all arrested on Trespassing charges and Damage to Property by Graffiti.
Roxbury Man Stabbed on Cheney Street
This morning around 2:50am, officers from District 2 responded to 46 Cheney Street for reports of a person stabbed. Upon arrival, the officers spoke to witnesses who said their friend knocked on their door and told them he was stabbed. The victim, a 26-year-old Roxbury man, was unable to speak at the scene and was transported to Boston Medical Center. Later, the victim reported that he was walking home when three unknown black males approached him and began punching him in the face and body. One of the suspects was described as being approximately 6’2 wearing dark clothing. The other two suspects were shorter than 5’7 and also wore dark clothing. The victim had several stab wounds but the injuries appeared to be non-life threatening.

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