Daily Incidents for February 24, 2006

Home Invasion Results in ArrestYesterday afternoon at about 3:48pm, officers from District 3 responded to a radio call for an armed home invasion on Greenwood Street in Dorchester. The three victims were inside the apartment when four unknown black males knocked on the door asking for someone the residents had no knowledge of. The suspects forcefully opened the door and pointed a gun at an 18-year-old resident before searching the apartment to no avail. Before leaving, they stole a cell phone and video console. Afterward, police reported the incident and broadcasted the descriptions of the suspects over appropriate radio channels. Officers approached a man walking down the street that fit the description of one of the suspects. The suspect, Pauliasky Francois, 19, from Mattapan, was positively identified and arrested. The other three suspects are still at large.
Assault and Battery Report Against Harper’s Ferry Bouncer
Officers from District 14 responded to a radio call this morning at 12:18 to 162 Brighton Avenue in Allston. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim, a 19-year-old from Roxbury, who stated he was at Harper’s Ferry when a bouncer grabbed him and made him leave the premises because he was drunk. The victim told the manager he was not intoxicated, and he was allowed back into the club. Another bouncer approached him, grabbed him and escorted him outside, leaving bruises on the victim. When officers reported the incident, the victim declined medical attention.
Fight in Front of Store 24 in Charlestown
This morning at about 1:00am, officers responded a radio call for a fight at Main and Walker Street in District 15. An officer on patrol observed the suspect running down Main Street and ordered him to stop but he refused to comply. Once he was apprehended, he was taken into custody. The victims of the fight called from Somerville Hospital and reported the incident. They claimed to be walking by Store 24 in Charlestown when several individuals with bats and knives attacked them. All four victims reported injuries, including stab wounds and head injuries. The suspect, Douglas Carrns, 18, of Stoneham, was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Disturbing the Peace, Resisting Arrest and Trespassing.
Mattapan Man Disturbing the Peace
An officer on patrol in Mattapan Square observed a large group of people gathered outside the Avenue Tavern around 1:15am this morning. In the crowd, one individual in particular was being very loud. When the officer warned him that he was disturbing the peace, the man ignored him and brought more attention to himself by stripping off his jacket and shirt and screaming profanities. The suspect, Reginald Clagon, 26, of Mattapan, was arrested and charged with Disturbing the Peace.
Juvenile Arrested for Carrying Firearm
Members of the Youth violence Strike Force arrested a 15-year-old juvenile from Dorchester at 173 Columbia Road this morning at 1:52am. The officers observed the male acting suspicious, grabbing his front jacket pocket and sprinting away from the unmarked cruiser. After the officers chased the juvenile on foot, they arrested him with charges of Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Trespassing.

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