Welcome Emerson College Students

Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s forum with Commissioner O’Toole.The forum was an open dialog between the Boston Police and Emerson College students on several issues of concern, including the quality of life in the Theater District and police expectations of student behavior.
One of the topics we addressed was the issue of youth violence in our communities; specifically, what can college students do to get involved.
As discussed, we would love to see college students get more involved in the lives of young people in our communities. Activities such as mentoring, Big Brother and Big Sister programs, and volunteering at community youth centers and Boys and Girls clubs would be an excellent way for college students to get involved.
We strongly believe the younger kids in some of our communities hardest hit by crime and violence would benefit by coming into contact with young people enrolled in college. Students interested in getting involved can please leave your name and contact number in the comment field. (Note- comments are approved by an administrator before being posted to the blog. Your information will not appear on bpdnews.com)
We also welcome any other feedback you may have about last night\’s forum. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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