Daily Incidents For February 19, 2006

Special Operations Tactical Bicycle Unit Arrests Suspect for OUIOfficers assigned to the Tactical Bicycle Unit pedaled to a radio call on Friday night for a report of a motor vehicle accident at Hancock Street and Upham Avenue in Dorchester. On arrival, the officers spoke with the victim who stated that the suspect collided with his motor vehicle and refused to exchange paperwork. The officers spoke with the suspect and determined that he was operating under the influence of alcohol. Louis Pina-Baptista, 31, of Dorchester was placed under arrest and transported to District 11 in a police vehicle, not a bicycle.
Store Clerk Arrested in Brighton with Stolen Credit Card
At about 12:30am on Saturday morning, officers assigned to District 14 responded to 241 Market Street to meet Store 24 security. The security officer reported that an employee removed a credit card from a drawer that was behind the counter and left behind by a victim. The suspect ran it through the cash register for the amount of .50 to see if the card was active. When the suspect realized the card was active he placed it in his pocket. The victim reported that the suspect charged over $1,000 at Store 24 and purchased an I pod at another location with the credit card. Officers arrested Sammy Suhail Khoury, 25, of Allston and charged him with larceny over 250, stealing a credit card and fraudulent use of a credit card. He will be arraigned in the Brighton District Court on Tuesday morning.
Suspect Arrested in Victim’s Car in Charlestown
A 32 –year-old Charlestown resident heard a loud noise outside of his Pearl Street apartment on Saturday morning at 6:30am. When he looked outside, he observed two people sitting in his motor vehicle. When the victim confronted the two, one fled on foot. The other, David Bobick, 46, of Charlestown, punched the victim in the face. The suspect was arrested by officers from District 1 and charged with assault and battery, breaking and entering a motor vehicle, malicious destruction of property over $250. The victim’s motor vehicle was damaged and his person papers were all over the street. The suspect was also found to be in possession of a knife in his front pocket while in the commission of a crime. He will be arraigned in the Charlestown District Court on Tuesday morning.
Strike One, Strike Two…No three, Suspect Arrested
Officers assigned to the Tactical Bicycle Unit stopped Christian Resendes, 18, of Dorchester last night at about 6:00pm outside the Hancock Liquor Store. Officer discovered that Resendes was in possession of 32 DVD’s that lacked the proper copyrights and legal markings. Officers seized the DVD’s and took the necessary information to seek complaints against the suspect. The officers told the suspect he was free to leave and he stepped into the intersection and began yelling at the officers. After numerous requests to move out of the intersection, the suspect refused. He was placed under arrest and transported to District 11.
Fender Bender in Charlestown Leads to Road Rage and Arrest
A 26-year-old Charlestown man was hospitalized for a possible broken ankle after being struck by a suspect operating a Ford Explorer. The victim admitted to striking the suspects bumper with his vehicle in the area of 2 Trenton Street in Charlestown on Saturday afternoon around 3:21pm. The 45 year-old suspect, Daniel Johnson, of Charlestown then struck the victim twice and pinning him between his car and the curb. Officers from District 1 arrested Johnson and charged his with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.
16-Year-Old Shot at Harold and Hutchings Street
Boston EMS transported the victim of a shooting to the Boston Medical Center last night at about 8:09pm. Officers from District 2 report the 16-year-old male was found lying on a bicycle in the intersection of Harold Street and Hutchings Street in Roxbury. The investigation continues, the victim’s injuries are non-life threatening.
Three Arrested for Drug Violations at 277 Centre Street
Last night at about 10:01pm, officers assigned to District 13 entered the hallway of 277 Centre Street and observed a 17-year-old male acting as a lookout for two other suspects. The officers then observed a hand-to-hand drug transaction between a 16-year-old and a 66–year-old male. All three were arrested and transported to District 13. Police recovered crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia at the scene and from one of the suspects. The 16-year-old male will be charged with possession class B, possession with intent to distribute class B, and possession with intent to distribute class B within 1000 feet of a school zone. Leonard Stokes, 66, of Dorchester will be charged with conspiracy to violate the drug laws, and Carl Barrows, 17, of Roxbury will be charged with trespassing and conspiracy to violate the drug laws. All will be arraigned in Roxbury District Court.
Roxbury Party Shut Down at 3:00AM
After dispersing 70- 75 people from an apartment in 277 Centre Street. Officers from District 13 arrested Rosa Sanchez, 17, of Roxbury. The officers responded after numerous calls to the apartment for loud music. When the officers arrived they described the music so loud the hallway was shaking. Sanchez was arrested for disturbing the peace and a keeper of a disorderly house.
Victim Stabbed at Boston Bowl
This morning at about 1:42am, an officer assigned to District 11 responded to the Boston Medical Center on a report of a stabbing that occurred at 800 Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester. The 24-year-old victim reported to police that while in the establishment he was stabbed from behind and did not see the suspect. The victim was transported to the Boston Medical Center by his friends. His injuries are considered non-life threatening.
Closing Time…….a Little Earlier Than Planned
Employees from the Big Easy located at 1 Boylston Place report that a 29-year-old male from North Grafton pulled the fire alarm inside the club at 1:00am this morning. An officer from District 1 spoke to the suspect who stated he was pushed into the alarm due to the large crowd and it was accidental. The Boston Fire Department responded and the entire club was evacuated.

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