Operation Dial-A-Date Part II

This afternoon at 12:29pm, officers assigned to District 7 in East Boston working operation dial a date, an operation put into effect to enhance the quality of life for the residents of East Boston, arrested five individuals.The officers received information that people were running a prostitution house at 228 Saratoga Street in East Boston. An officer involved in the operation obtained a business card written in Spanish with a telephone number. The officer called the number and made arrangements with the male on the other end of the telephone. This undercover officer responded to 228 Saratoga Street, and after ringing the doorbell was greeted by Diego Bedoya, 33, of East Boston. Bedoya allowed the undercover officer to enter the dwelling, locking two doors behind the officer. Once in the apartment, the undercover officer observed two other males waiting in a room. Bedoya took and undisclosed amount of marked United States Currency from the officer and handed him a blue poker chip to deliver to the female. At this point, the undercover officer alerted other officers that the deal had been made. The other officers entered the dwelling and arrested Bedoya and charged him with Support from a Prostitutes Earnings. Three other males and a female were in the apartment and were arrested and charged with Sex for a Fee. The following people will be arraigned tomorrow in East Boston Court: Rodil Arteaga, 38, and Jaime Orubi, 35, both of Roslindale, Elmer Bedoya, 35, of East Boston, and Linda Odom, 32, of Georgia.

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