Operation Home Safe Nets 33 Arrests in Mattapan

Boston Police, Transit Police, and Mayor Menino’s Office of Neighborhood Services worked together this weekend to address public safety concerns as well as quality of life issues in Mattapan. This operation focuses on prostitution, after hours parties, drugs, gangs, firearms and persons wanted on arrest warrants.The Boston Police employed high visibility and saturation patrols throughout the neighborhood with many specialized units including Rolling Thunder, Tactical Bicycle Squads, the Mounted Unit, Drug Units, Licensing Units, and the Youth Violence Strike Force. All of these units combined to serve arrest warrants, execute search warrants and conduct high visibility patrol throughout the Mattapan neighborhood.
Boston Detectives and Police Officers targeted the residential and commercial areas of the neighborhood, while the Transit Police conducted safety checks on M.B.T.A. buses traveling through Mattapan over the duration of the weekend.
Operation Home Safe’s public safety function concluded today, but the Mayor’s Office of neighborhood services will coordinate city agencies in the Mattapan neighborhood to address issues such as street cleaning, street light repair, and public work issues. The planning of this operation was in conjunction with many Community Leaders, Police Officials, as well as representatives of the Mayor’s Office of neighborhood services.
A total of thirty-three people were arrested during this operation. Eleven of the thirty-three were wanted on warrants. Three Firearms were recovered and three search warrants were executed.

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