College Binge Drinking: Article links

From an article on underage drinking among college populations:

Forces such as Boston Police Department Captain William B. Evans, commander of the Allston and Brighton districts [has] made curbing underage and unruly drinking a personal crusade. Last year, when The Game was hosted at fair Harvard, Evans gave students and administrators football-sized headaches. Kegs, banned at the tailgates since 2002, made a slight return only as a controlled substance, IDs were checked at the gates, wristbands were required for revelers 21 or over, students and alums were forced to pick up separate tailgate tickets at the box office. And despite being lauded as a healthy success by most standards — no near-death ambulance trips, no severe drop in fun levels — Evans was irate.

\’\’To me, that day was a disgrace,\” Evans later told The Harvard Crimson. \’\’Within a week I had three Harvard deans in my office, and I told them that that day will never go on like it did again.\”

And click here to read a letter to the editor on the subject by Boston Police Captain William Evans.

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