The following changes are hereby made to the Hackney Carriage Rule and Regulations of the Boston Police Department to reflect new Rate of Fare and Shift / Leasing Rates. Such changes amend all previously issued rules, regulations, orders, circulars and memoranda pertaining to the Rates of Fare and Shift / Leasing Rates for Hackney Carriages licensed in the City of Boston, including Commissioner’s Memorandum Number 02-056.

Effective December 9, 2005, the following Rates of Fare are in effect on an industry wide basis. This rate reflects a 50 cent surcharge for fuel to be collected on the first 1/8th of a mile or less. This surcharge shall remain in effect until the price of gasoline falls below $1.65 for a period of 90 days. The new rate may not be charged until the taximeter has been adjusted to reflect the above changes, which must be made no later than December 23, 2005. The Department will not issue new rate cards to any owner until it has been demonstrated that the meters have been adjusted, tested and sealed by the City of Boston Weights & Measures Division.
The Rates of Fare are as follows:
1) Meter Rates:
$2.25 for the first 1/8th mile or less
$0.30 for each additional 1/8th of a mile
2) Waiting Time:
$24.00 per each hour
3) Flat Rate:
$2.60 per mile (as quoted in the “Official Flat Rate Guide”)
4) Massport and Mass Turnpike Tunnel Fees:
All Trips to Logan Airport: $ 2.25
All Trips from Logan Airport $ 6.50
Leasing and Shift Rates:
The maximum lease/shift rates established September 30, 2002 by the Police Commissioner’s Memorandum 02-056 remain in effect and are as follows:
1) The maximum rate for Medallion Leasing shall be:
$500 per week
2) The maximum Shift Rates are as follows:
12 Hour Shift $77.00
24 Hour Shift $139.00
Weekly Shift $700.00
3) No additional charges shall be authorized except for the following:
a) The driver (lessee) shall have the responsibility for gasoline costs incurred during his/her shift. The driver may not be required to purchase such gas from the owner/lessor;
b) The driver may only be charged for additional insurance at the driver’s option;
c) The driver may be charged for a violation assessment ($0.30 per shift);
d) The driver may be charged a “New Vehicle Premium” at the following rates:
12 Hour lease 1st model year $5.00 2nd model year $2.00
24 Hour lease 1st model year $9.00 2nd model year $3.50
Weekly Lease 1st model year $45.00 2nd model year $18.00
e) The driver may be charged $7.00 per hour for failure to return a leased vehicle on time; and
f) The driver may be charged all applicable sales taxes associated with the lease transaction.
Shift/Lease Rates shall be publicly posted in all garages of other places of business in which taxicabs or medallions are rented.
Every Hackney Carriage owner/lessor is required to file with the City of Boston Police Department Hackney Carriage Unit a copy of their leasing document(s) along with all current rates. Any proposed changes or additions to Shift/Lease Rates must be submitted, in writing, to the Office of the Inspector of Carriages for approval.
Kathleen M. O’Toole
Police Commissioner

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