Drug Control Unit Arrest in Dorchester

Armed with information from another police source, members of the Boston Police Drug Control Unit were in the area 68 Moseley Street, Dorchester monitoring a motor vehicle. The officers had information that Wilfredo Rivera, 30, of Dorchester, was selling cocaine and marijuana from 68 Moseley St and using this motor vehicle to deliver the drugs. Yesterday afternoon officers observed the motor vehicle on Gallivan Blvd where he committed violations of the auto laws on Gallivan Blvd. The Officers stopped the vehicle and observed a plastic bag sticking out of the operator’s right side jacket pocket and detected a strong odor of marijuana from inside the motor vehicle. A large plastic bag of a green vegetable matter was recovered from Rivers right pocket along with a plastic bag that contained eighteen, 40 mg, Oxycotin pills and forty-two, 20MG, Oxycotin pills.

Rivera was placed in custody and transported to District 11. Rivera was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B (Oxycotin), Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D (marijuana), and Possession of Class C (Klonopin). Officers responded to 68 Moseley Street to freeze the apartment pending application of search warrant. Based on prior information that a large dog was inside prior to officer’s arrival a Boston City animal was requested. Officer responded from animal control and took custody of a Rottweiler.
Last night at about 10:45pm, officers of the Drug Control Unit along with Massachusetts State Police, executed a Dorchester Court Search Warrant at 68 Moseley Street, Dorchester. As a result of the execution of the warrant, the following items were recovered. #1. Forty, 12-gauge shotgun shells. #2. Three electronic equipment- surveillance cameras removed from the exterior second floor front window facing front entry way, another facing up Moseley Street and a third camera was found on the rear porch window along with various wire which connected to a computer. #3. One ICOM ic-r3 communications receiver, a device used to intercept cell phone numbers/signals. #4. A professional digital scale model XTR-350. #5. Five plastic bags of cocaine (about 19 grams) #6. One hundred ninety-five white pills (ecstasy) #7. Three green pills (ecstasy). #8. One plastic bag Crystal Methamphetamine. #9. Fifty blue pills (Xanax). #10. Eleven green pills (Klonopin) and #11. Four large plastic bags of green herb believed to be marijuana.
The additional charges filed against Wilfredo Rivera are: Trafficking a Class B substance (between 14-28 Grams), Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B (Crystal Methamphetamine), Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B (Ecstasy), Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D (Marijuana), Possession with Intent to Distribute Class C (Klonopin and Xanax), and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.
Wilfredo Rivera will be arraigned in the Dorchester District Court this morning.

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