Correction to Inaccurate Media Report

On Saturday, December 3, it was incorrectly reported that a suspect taken into custody was in possession of a Boston Police Department document containing witness names in a homicide case.The document in question was in fact related to a sexual assault investigation. The document, approximately one year old, contained the names of possible suspects, not witnesses.
Below is the correction, as published in the Boston Globe.
Boston Globe, 12/4/2005

For the record December 4, 2005 Correction: A Page One story yesterday on a police investigation of how a suspect had an internal Boston Police Department report incorrectly described the contents of that report. The department says the report was on a sexual assault case, not a homicide case. The department also says that it listed names of potential suspects who could also be witnesses, not any witnesses who were innocent bystanders. The incorrect information came from two anonymous police officials briefed on the investigation.

More information: Coverage of the press conference at which Police Commissioner O\’Toole addressed the inaccurate report.

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