Dorchester Juvenile Arrested with Smoking Gun

Last night at about 8:00pm, officers assigned to a Warrant Apprehension Operation in District 3 were stopped in traffic at about 961 Blue Hill Avenue when they heard two loud pops, known to the officers to be gunshots.The officers observed a suspect, a 15-year-old male from Dorchester, in the middle of the street, firing a pistol toward a group of people who were at a bus stop on the corner of Blue Hill Avenue and Westview Street. The officers observed the juvenile fire multiple shots at this group as they ran for cover. As the juvenile fired the gun, he moved quickly across Blue Hill Ave, away from Franklin Field and from the victims.
The officers could see that the juvenile was wearing a black facemask and was armed with a firearm in his hand. After several verbal commands from the officers to drop the weapon, the juvenile discarded the gun onto the grass in front of 961 Blue Hill Ave. The suspect was then taken into custody. Officers observed two bullet holes in the glass bus stop opposite 961 Blue Hill Ave.
The firearm was found to be a loaded .38 caliber International revolver which was reported stolen on November 22,1988 in Alabama. The juvenile will be arraigned in Dorchester District Court and charged with the following delinquencies: Assault with the Intent to Murder; Unlawful Possession Firearm; Unlawful Possession Ammunition; Discharging Firearm within 500\’ of a Dwelling; Receiving Stolen Property (the firearm); Destruction of Property (to wit the glass bus stop). Further investigation will be done by B-3 Detectives to identify remaining victims.

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