17-year-old arrested with a Loaded Firearm in Dorchester

At about 7:30 PM, on Friday, October 27, 2023, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force arrested a 17-year-old juvenile male on firearm related charges.

Officers were conducting an ongoing firearm investigation in the area of 77 Hancock Street. Officers were aware that this particular area is a no trespassing zone and has been used by groups to congregate and conduct illegal activity.

Officers observed a group of about twenty-five people and multiple vehicles in the no trespassing area. As officers approached the group, they all immediately began to disperse. Officers observed an individual who they knew was possibly in possession of a firearm. Officers attempted to stop the individual who tried to flee from them. A brief struggle ensued, and a firearm was dislodged from the suspect’s waistband and hit the ground.

Officers were able to safely recover the firearm and placed the suspect into handcuffs. The firearm was later determined to be a Ghost Gun with a laser sight attachment with one round in the chamber and nine rounds in the magazine.

As officers continued their investigation, they recovered a discarded black shoulder bag underneath a shelf inside the Laundry Mat next door. Officers recovered from inside the bag a loaded SigSauer P365 with one round in the chamber and five rounds in the magazine. Officers also recovered two loose rounds of 9mm ammunition, and small plastic bags of believed to be marijuana and crack cocaine

The 17-year-old juvenile male was placed under arrest and charged with: Delinquent to wit unlawful possession of a firearm, delinquent to wit unlawful possession of ammunition. He is expected to be arraigned in Dorchester District Court.