Traffic Advisory for October 13-15, 2023

Events happening in the City of Boston will bring some parking restrictions and street closures. People attending these events are encouraged to walk, bike, or take public transit. Information on Bluebikes, the regional bike share service, may be found on the website and information on the MBTA may be found online. The MBTA advises riders to purchase a round-trip rather than a one-way ticket for a faster return trip. Walking is also a great way to move around.

OAKTOBERFEST 5K – 2023, Sunday, October 15, 2023

A 5K race will be run over the following route:  Washington Street, left onto Foster Street, right onto Commonwealth Avenue, right onto Lake Street, around Gallagher Park to Kenrick Street, right onto Kenrick Street, left onto Lake Street, left onto Washington Street. Rolling road closures may be necessary to accommodate the runners.

Open Streets Boston, Sunday, October 15, 2023

Open Streets Boston will take place East Boston neighborhood. Open Streets Boston will afford residents, visitors, and business owners to experience Boston in a whole new way through a fun-filled day of walking, biking, skating, rolling, and family-friendly activities on car-free streets, which will require some temporary parking regulations and some roadway diversions.

Parking restrictions will be in place on  Sunday from 6:00 AM to 3:30 PM on the following streets:

  • Bennington Street, Both sides, from Meridian to Bremen Street, including the entire parking lot from #254 Bennington Street to #290 Bennington Street and the entire municipal lot (#26) at #36 Bennington Street
  • Meridian Street, Both sides, from Bennington Street to London Street
  • Chelsea Street, Both sides, from Prescott Street to Shelby Street
  • Municipal Lot 26 – post No Parking for Sunday, Oct. 15, 2023

Vehicles not moved by 6 a.m. Sunday will be subject to towing.

MR8K – Sunday, October 15, 2023

The MR8K will take place in the Seaport District of South Boston. The race will start on Sleeper Street and follow the route: left through Martin’s Park under Seaport Blvd continue onto Harborwalk right on Northern Ave, left on Courthouse Way, right on South Bay Harbor Trail, continue on South Bay Harbor Trail around Fan Pier Marina, left on Boston Harbor Walk, left on Seaport Blvd, continue onto Northern Ave, left onto Boston Fish Pie, around Exchange Conference Center return on Fish Pier, left on Seaport blvd, left at Yankee Lobster onto Boston Harborwalk, right on FID Kennedy Ave, left on Seafood Way, continue on Shoreline Road, right on Swordfish Way, left on FID Kennedy Ave turn around at corner of FID Kennedy Ave and Dolphin Way, right on Codfish Way, left on Shoreline Road, left on Seafood Way, left on FID Kennedy Ave, right on Tide Street, right on Northern Ave, continue onto Seaport Blvd, right on Fan Pier Blvd, right on Northern Ave, right on Pier Four Blvd finish: Cisco Beer Garden. Rolling road closures may be necessary to accommodate the runners.

Parking restrictions will be in place on Sunday 12:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the following streets:

  • Sleeper Street, Both sides, from Congress Street to Seaport Boulevard.
  • Seaport Boulevard, North side, Fan Pier Boulevard to B Street.
  • Fan Pier Boulevard, East side, Seaport Boulevard to Northern Avenue.
  • Pier 4 Boulevard, Both sides, Seaport Boulevard to Northern Avenue.
  • Northern Avenue, South side, Fan Pier Boulevard to Pier 4 Boulevard.

Events such as parades, road races, and street fairs may require road closures to accommodate the activities.