Two Shooting Victims of Pierce Street to Be Charged as Suspects

Yesterday evening around 7:08PM, officers from District E-18 (Hyde Park) responded to 72 Pierce St. for a person shot.
En route, officers were updated that there were two victims at the scene and a gun in the middle of the street.  On arrival, officers were directed to 74 Pierce St. where they saw a gun in the middle of the street and one of the victims on sidewalk/lawn area of 74 Pierce Street suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. Officers attempted to get information about what happened but the victim what uncooperative. Officers were then advised by witnesses that there was another victim who had fled down Pierce St. toward West Street.  Officers secured the weapon that was in the street after requesting EMS and continued down the street where they located a second victim in front of 86 Pierce Street also suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.  Both victims were transported to local hospitals suffering from non-life threatening injuries.

Officers were able to locate several witnesses who provided information that the both victims were observed with guns in hand shortly after shots were fired with victim #1 who was found in front of 74 Pierce St. throwing his gun out into the street as he collapsed in front of 74 Pierce Street. Officers also learned that victim #2 was also observed shortly after the shots were heard fleeing down Pierce St. with a gun in hand. Officers were able to recover two guns during the investigation which apparently the two victims had used to fire shots at each other.

The victims, now turned suspects, were placed under arrest at the hospital and will both be charged with weapons violations, assault by means of a dangerous weapon charges along with assault with intent to murder once released from the hospital.