Photo Opportunity: Boston Police Department Recruit Academy Graduation Ceremony – Watch a Live Internet Broadcast of the Graduation on ‘BPDNews Live!’ At!

WHO: Mayor Thomas Menino, Police Commissioner Edward Davis, Superintendent Paul Joyce, Minister Don Muhammad, Brookline Police Chief Dan O’Leary, Command Staff, BPD Gaelic Column and Honor Guard, Graduating Recruits with their family and friends, BPD Chaplains (Reverend Gary Adams and Reverend Sean Connor).
WHAT: Today’s ceremony celebrates the graduation of 64 Boston Police Department Recruits and 2 Recruits from the Brookline Police Department. Mayor Menino and Commissioner Davis will welcome 64 men and women into the ranks of the Boston Police Department. The ceremony will include the badge pinning, special awards and remarks by several distinguished guests.

Individuals are also invited to view the graduation ceremony via a live internet broadcast located at

In addition to the graduating recruits, Mayor Menino and Commissioner Davis welcomed 44 new recruits to the Boston Police Academy on June 6, 2011. Over the next six months, these recruits will be subject to a strict regimen of intense training and education. The Academy will prepare the recruits to carry out the Boston Police mission of Community Policing to protect and service the citizens of Boston.

WHERE: The Strand Theater, 543 Columbia Road in Dorchester

WHEN: Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 3:00pm.