Mayor Menino Announces Bringing Home the Cup Rolling Rally Parade for the Boston Bruins

Today, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced that the City of Boston will officially welcome home the victorious Boston Bruins and the Stanley Cup with a victory parade on Saturday beginning at 11:00 AM at the TD Garden and ending at Copley Square.
“It is truly a great time to be a Boston sports fan!” Mayor Menino said. “Finally, after 39 years the Stanley Cup is coming home to Boston where it belongs. Through their hard work and dedication, this team embodies what our proud city stands for. We love our Bruins and want to show our appreciation for their hard-earned victory with a parade this Saturday. Let’s have fun and celebrate their impressive achievement!”

Beginning at the TD Garden on Causeway Street, the parade will once again feature duck boats and proceed along the following route:

Start on Causeway Street;

  • Left on Staniford Street;
  • Left on Cambridge Street;
  • Right on Tremont Street;
  • Right on Boylston Street;
  • End at Copley Square.

Parking restrictions across the city will be heavily enforced in the vicinity of the closed off parade route streets and fans are strongly encouraged to use public transportation. To accommodate the celebration, vehicular traffic will be banned along the parade route beginning at 9:00 AM until the conclusion of the parade at about 1:00 PM. 

“Boston Police will also have a significant presence along the parade route as part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure everyone’s safety and I encourage fans to continue making the city proud and honoring the Bruins by celebrating responsibly,” Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said.

Temporary parking restrictions will be put into effect at several locations throughout the city and vehicles parked in violation will be ticketed and/or towed. Temporary “Tow Zone No Stopping Boston Police Special Event Saturday” regulations will be posted at the following locations: 

  • Canal Street, from Causeway Street to New Chardon Street
  • Friend Street, from Causeway Street to New Chardon Street
  • Portland Street, from Merrimac Street to Causeway Street
  • Lancaster Street,  from Causeway Street to Merrimac Street
  • Merrimac Street , from Causeway Street to Lancaster Street
  • Causeway Street, from North Washington Street to Merrimac Street
  • Staniford Street, from Causeway Street to Cambridge Street
  • Cambridge Street, from Hancock Street to Tremont Street
  • Tremont Street, from Cambridge Street to Boylston Street
  • Boylston Street, from Washington Street to Dalton Street
  • New Chardon Street, from Cambridge Street to Merrimac Street
  • Bowdoin Street, from Cambridge Street to Derne Street
  • Somerset Street, from Cambridge Street to Ashburton Place
  • New Sudbury Street, from Cambridge Street to Bulfinch Place
  • Court Street, from Cambridge Street to Court Square
  • Beacon Street, from Tremont Street to Somerset Street
  • Bromfield Street, from Province Street to Tremont Street
  • Park Street, from Tremont Street to Beacon Street
  • Temple Place, from Tremont Street to Washington Street
  • West Street, from Tremont Street to Washington Street
  • Essex Street, from Tremont Street to Washington Street
  • Charles Street South, from Park Plaza to Center gate of Public Garden
  • Hadassah Way, from Boylston Street to Park Plaza
  • Berkeley Street, from St. James Avenue to Newbury Street
  • Clarendon Street, from Newbury Street to St. James Avenue
  • Dartmouth Street, from Boylston Street to Newbury Street
  • St. James Avenue, from Clarendon Street to Dartmouth Street

To protect the safety of residents and guests, the Boston Police Department may further restrict vehicle parking and limit vehicular and pedestrian access.