GPS Helps Officers Track Robbery Suspects

Yesterday afternoon around 1:55PM, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) responded to 3064 Washington Street/Metro PCS Store for a hold-up alarm.
On arrival, officers spoke to the victim, a store employee, who reported that two black males had just robbed the store. The victim provided officers with a description of the two suspects who assaulted her, stole several phones from the store, the victim’s cell phone and money from the cash register. The victim further reported to officers that the suspects fled the store in the direction of Columbus Ave. toward Seaver Street.  Shortly after getting this information, officers learned that the victim’s phone which the suspects had stolen could be tracked via GPS. The phone was quickly tracked and officers determined that based on the GPS tracking on the phone that the phone was moving in the vicinity of Codman Park and Townsend Street, a short distance from the store.

Officers immediately responded to the GPS location and there saw a car idling in the middle of the intersection with two black males getting in the car. The two males getting in the car matched the suspects’ descriptions, and consequently were stopped.  A frisk of the two males revealed them to be in possession of several brand new phones including the victim’s cell phone. When asked where they were coming from, the suspects provided conflicting and inconsistent information. Ultimately, officers were able to confirm the phone that one of the suspects had due to a specific screensaver.  In addition to the phones, officers also seized a large sum of money from the suspects which had been stolen from the store.

The suspects were transported to District 13 for booking and while at the station, officers were additionally able to retrieve video from the store which allowed officers to further confirm the suspects based on their clothing.  The suspects, Darrell Brown, 22 of Randolph and Charles Gales, 20 of Roxbury were arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery, Kidnapping, Assault and Battery and Kidnapping.