Wanna Be Sleeping Beauty Arrested for Refusing to Wake Up

At about 3:51am, on Sunday, May 29, 2011, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) responded to 64 Arlington Street (Four Season Hotel) for a report of several guests creating a disturbance and refusing to leave the hotel. On arrival, officers made their way the room in question. Once there, officers knocked on the door and awaited entry. According to security personnel, the occupants of the room had been warned several times about the excessive noise which was disturbing other hotel guests. When the occupants refused to discontinue the noise making, security personnel informed them that they had to leave the hotel. Upon being told to leave, the occupants of the room refused. When the door opened, officers observed approximately six individuals inside the room.
Once inside the room, officers informed the occupants that their business was no longer welcome and the hotel wanted them to vacate the premises. While officers were explaining the situation to the group, one of the occupants pretended to be asleep. In fact, as officers were talking, the individual would pretend to wake up and then quickly fall back to sleep. In short time, it became readily apparent to the officers that the individual pretending to be asleep was being deliberately uncooperative and antagonistic. After approximately twenty minutes, officers were able to clear the room. 

However, once outside the room, the individual who pretended to be asleep, proceeded to make loud and objectionable noises. Given the loud noises, officers warned the individual that if the noise making continued, he would be subject to arrest. 

As the suspect in the case was leaving the hotel, he stopped and stated, “I’m not leaving until I give the hotel their room key. I know they’re going to charge me for this.” 

At this point, officers arrested Joshua De Lisle, 21, of Tewksbury and charged him with Trespassing.