Alcohol Trail Leads Officers to B&E Suspect

Early this morning around 12:02AM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to a radio call for a business alarm at 1033 Massachusetts Ave. /Liquor Land.
On arrival, observed that the front glass door window to the store was completely shattered. Upon further investigation, officers observed that the glass window to the front of the store had also been smashed. Officers quickly established a perimeter around the store in the event that a suspect was still in the store.  Shortly after establishing the perimeter, officers observed a liquid trail leading from the store, to the sidewalk and into a baseball field in the park behind the store.  As officers made their way, following the path, toward the infield they observed an individual walking along the left side of the field. As officers approached the suspect, he quickly exited the fenced in area of the field and started walking away. Officers stopped the suspect and during the threshold inquiry of the suspect, officer’s observed shards of glass on the suspect’s clothing and noted that his clothing was wet with some type of liquid.

Based on everything known to officers at this time, officers decided to place the suspect under arrest at which point he suspect violently resisted until he was forcibly handcuffed. Once the suspect was placed under arrest, officers found a case of wine with several broken bottles a short distance from where the suspect was first seen.

The suspect, Henry Soto, 30 of Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in Nighttime.