You Never Know Who Is Watching!!

Yesterday morning around 9:40AM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspects, Michael P. Gabriel, 44 of South Weymouth and Richard C. Tulimieri, 50 of Quincy and charged them with Larceny over $250 from a Motor Vehicle, Breaking and  Entering a Motor vehicle in the daytime and Larceny over $250.
Officers, dressed in plain clothes were on random patrol in the area of State St. when they observed the two suspects looking into delivery trucks as they walked up the street. Based on their observations, officers parked their car and decided to continue to monitor the suspects who were now at the intersection of State St. and Merchants’ Row.  Officers during their surveillance observed suspect Tulimieri pace back and forth on Merchants’ Row observing delivery trucks while suspect Gabriel acted as a lookout. Officers at this time requested the assistance of other officers to the area while they continued their surveillance of the two suspects.

Officers then observed the suspect Tulimieri then proceed to the passenger door of a FedEx truck parked on Merchants’ Row and force the sliding window open. Suspect Tulimieri then reached inside the truck, opened the door from the inside and entered the truck.  Once suspect Tulimieri was inside the truck, suspect Gabriel walked to the truck at which time suspect Tulimieri threw three boxes off of the truck. Suspect Gabriel picked up two of the boxes while suspect Tulimieri got off the truck and picked up the remaining box.

The officer conducting surveillance then notified other officers of his observation and they closed in on the suspects at the intersection of Merchants’ Row and State St. and placed them under arrest.  The three boxes were recovered from the suspects and returned to the driver.