Loud College Party Lands Six in Jail

Early this morning around 12:27AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a call for a loud party in the area of 24 Lawn St. in Roxbury.
On arrival, officers observed a loud and boisterous crowd of about 50 college age students standing in the driveway of 20 Lawn Street holding beer cans and red plastic cups containing alcohol. As officers approached the crowd, most of them dropped their cups and ran away. Officers, at the house, looked through a basement window and observed an even bigger crowd of at least 100 more college students in the basement. Officers cleared the crowd from the basement and after doing so walked to the rear door to ensure that all partygoers had left the area.  Several students were arrested for possession of alcohol and during ongoing investigations, the below individuals were arrested and charged with the following offenses.

  1. Ryan G. Tindall, 20 of Roxbury-Procuring Alcohol for Minors and Keeper of a Disorderly House
  2.  Alison M. Nolin, 19 Roxbury– Procuring Alcohol for minors and Keeper of a Disorderly House
  3. Yani S. Hadjali, 22 of Roxbury– Drinking Alcohol in Public
  4. Joshua Finkel, 23 of Cambridge– Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest
  5. Jane M. Urban, 19 of Boston– Possession of Alcohol by Person under 21 and Resisting Arrest
  6. Shauna Fitzgerald, 18 of Boston– Possession of Alcohol by Persons Under 21 and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drugs

Officers conducted a sweep of the of the basement where the party was taking place and there found a “drink menu” with prices listed along with several kegs of beer.