Stupid Is, Stupid Does!!

Early this morning officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspects, Antonio Vasquez, 24 of Avon charging him with Disorderly Conduct and Malicious Destruction of Personal Property, Donte J. Lara, 19 of Cambridge charging with Disorderly Person, Angel Quilan, 19 of Mattapan charging him with Disorderly Conduct, and Destruction of Personal Property and William Ruiz, 21 of Roxbury charging him with Disorderly Conduct.

About 3:21AM this morning, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) responded to 25 Corey St. for a report of a loud party.

On arrival, officers could clearly hear music coming from the building out onto the street.  Officers knocked on the door loudly to make their presence known due to the volume of the music. While waiting for the door to be opened, officers could clearly hear unknown individuals inside the apartment stating, “Don’t open the door, F–k them! They can’t come into your apartment.” After some time waiting outside the apartment, the tenant of the apartment opened the door and asked the officers if there was a problem. Officers informed the tenant that due to the loud music and the hour of the day that they had received a call for loud music. The tenant then tried closing the doors on officers stating that she would turn down the music. Officers asked the tenant for her identification and while they were doing so, suspect Ruiz actively tried to close the door on officers. Officers were able to gain entry and finally gain control of the 20-30 plus individuals who were in the party and started having them leave the apartment. As officers continued to clear the party, about six males gathered their belongings and hurriedly walked past officers. Officers monitored the suspects, and outside observed suspects, Quilan and Lara looking up at the window while suspect Vasquez was kneeling next to the front a police cruiser making a swinging motion. At this same time, officers heard the suspects, Quilan and Lara yell to suspect Vasquez who immediately got up.

Officers quickly exited the building to further investigate what the suspects were doing near the cruiser and stopped the suspects’ car. After stopping the suspects’ car, officers examined the cruiser that suspect Vasquez was kneeling by and noticed that the tire was flat.  Suspects, Quilan, Vasquez, and Lara were arrested and officers located a large black knife was located in suspect Vasquez’ pocket. It should be noted that the tire to the tire sustained puncture which caused it to go flat.

Officers then responded back to the apartment to finish clearing the party and there arrested suspect Ruiz who was hiding in a room with a number of other partygoers.  The tenant of the apartment will be summonsed to court for being a Keeper of a Disorderly House.