B&E Suspect Caught in the Act

This morning around 2:15AM, officers were in the area of Waldeck St. investigating a prior incident when they observed a car parked of 71 Waldeck Street.

On nearing the car the car, officers observed a man in the driver’s seat who suddenly ducked down and attempted to hide from officers’ view.  Both officers who were in plain clothes, then approached the car to further investigate. On nearing the car could see the suspect and noticed that the glove box of the car was open and its contents strewn all about the car. Officers asked the suspect if he owned the car and he responded that he did not and that he had just gotten into the car after he noticed the door was open and was just looking around.

Officers had the suspect exit the car and knocked on the door of the owner who told officer that she did not know the suspect nor had given him permission to get in the car. Further, the owner told officers that the door of the car had been locked and she does not know how the suspect got in the car.

The suspect, Thang H. Thanh, 35 of Chelsea was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle in the Night.