At about 12:08am, on Thursday, November 11, 2010, offices from Area D-14 (Brighton) responded to a radio call for a loud party in the area of 11 Quint Ave. On arrival, upon exiting their cruisers, officers could hear a loud music emanating from the location. Officers were able to track the majority of the noise to the rear of the location. Upon reaching the rear of the location, officers were able to locate and see several party-goers hanging out and drinking alcoholic beverages on a first floor porch. Given their observations, officers made verbal contact with the individuals on the porch. Specifically, officers asked to speak to the legal tenants or lease holders of the apartment. After a short time, a female, stating that she lived in the apartment, walked out to the porch and asked, “Why are you here?” Officers explained that a noise complaint relative to the party and the noise it was causing had been called into police. Officers further explained that, given their observations, the party was too large and it had to end.

In response, the legal tenant stated, “I guess you can’t have a party on a Wednesday night.” As people began to leave, the tenant leaned over the railing of the porch and spat on police officers. As said tenant was being taken into custody, she attempted to slap one of the officers. Upon being taken into custody, it was learned that the suspect did not live at the location.

Officers arrested a 21 year-old female and charged her with Being a Disorderly Person and Assault & Battery on a Police Officer.