Tow Truck Driver Gone Mad!

This morning around 1:30AM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) responded to the area of Braintree and Everett Streets for a report of a tow truck driver driving around driving erratically and yelling at people.

On scene, officers spoke to a witness/victim who reported that he and his friends were driving around down the street when a tow truck driver stopped his truck, yelled at them and then got out of the car to confront them. The victim reported that he and his friends just kept walking and the truck fled the scene. While officers were still on scene, the Operations Center broadcast an ‘officer in trouble’ call at Braintree and Everett Streets.  Officers responded to the scene and there placed the suspect tow truck driver in handcuffs while they further investigate the incident.

Officers spoke to the victim officer and learned that the officer was in traffic when the officer first encountered the suspect tow truck driver near the intersection of Brighton and Allston streets where the suspect was observed yelling at passersby. The officer continued and again encountered the suspect tow truck driver at Braintree and Franklin Streets where the suspect got out of his car and started yelling at the officer. After yelling at the officer, the suspect then turned his tow truck around and accelerated at the officer. The off-duty officer at this point called Boston Police Operations and assisting units were able to stop the suspect tow truck driver. Once stopped, the suspect stated to officers that he was doing a “repo” job and denied having done anything wrong.

Officers further investigated the suspect and the incident and learned that the tow truck company that the suspect was operating does not do repossessions and that the tow truck driver suspect was a past employee who had somehow gotten their tow truck unbeknownst to them and without their permission. The suspect, David Tavares, 27 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Larceny of a Motor Vehicle and Assault by Means of a dangerous Weapon.