Purse Snatching Suspects Caught

Yesterday, Saturday, September 4, 2010, around 9:50AM, an officer from District B-2 (Roxbury) was on directed patrol at the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Edgewood Street when a woman was observed calling for help in front of 240 Blue Hill Avenue. The officer turned around and saw the woman yelling at passing cars while a male running from the direction of the woman toward Woodcliff Street.

The officer immediately responded to the woman and spoke to her regarding what happened. The victim sated to the officer that two black males had just stolen her purse. The officer went in the direction that he was pointed in by the victim and witnesses and as the officer proceeded toward Dacia Street, he observed two individuals standing near the intersection of Dove ad Dacia Streets. When the suspects observed the officer approaching they immediately fled down the street toward Balfour Street.

The officer broadcast his location and the description of the suspects and requested the assistance of other units.  Numerous units responded to the area and while searching the area located an individual matching the suspect description walking from a backyard on Wayland Street. The suspect, out of breath and sweating profusely, was detained and held for a possible identification by the victim. Other officers searching in the same area shortly thereafter located another suspect hiding in a small shed who was also detained.

The victim was brought to the scene and positively identified by both suspects. The victim then explained to officers that she was walking in the area of 240 Blue Hill Ave.  when the suspects approached her and forcibly yanked her purse off of her arm despite her pleading with them to stop. Suspects, John K. Haltiwanger, 39 and Melvin E. Fisher, 51 both of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery, and Trespassing. Suspect Fisher was additionally charged with Possession of Class A for drugs found on his person.