B&E Suspect Apprehended For???

Last night around 11:45PM, officers from District C-11(Dorchester) responded to 510 Talbot Ave. for a breaking and entering in progress.

En route, officers were advised that the caller reported seeing a described suspect kicking the rear basement door and gaining entry. On arrival, officers were immediately approached by a witness who indicated to officers that the suspect was still in the basement. Officers went to the door and observed that it was partially open with cracks in the frame.

Officers opened the basement door and announced their office prior to entering the basement but received no answer. Officers then entered the basement and identified themselves before they heard a faint voice stating, “Yeah, I am right here!” Officers then shined their flashlights in the basement and observed the suspect lying on the ground. Officers secured the suspect and questioned him about what he was doing in the basement and he stated, “I was running away from you guys (the police) because my father called the cops!” Officers then asked the suspect if he lived in the building and he told officers that he did not which was confirmed by witnesses on scene.

The suspect, Daniel W. O’Connell, 35 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime and Malicious Destruction of Property.