B3 Captain\’s Message

Dear friends,
Building productive partnerships with our youth, neighborhood crime watch groups, non-profits and government agencies and community organizations of all kinds continues to be a major focus of the neighborhood policing efforts in District Three. To sustain District Three as a viable and healthy community, we concentrate on four areas of activities: public schools, public housing, neighborhood shopping centers and public open space.

Officers are involved in annual events such as the Senior Boat Ride, Think Outside the Box Summer Camp and the Black Ministerial Alliances’ Teen Cafés. We act as mentors, instructors and guest speakers. We host community meetings and holiday events, participate in fundraising drives, summer camps, senior citizen outreach programs, and youth development programs such as Bold Teens. In short, in a variety of ways, District B-3 officers seek to improve the overall quality of life for residents in the neighborhood they serve.

Student interns and volunteers are also encouraged to participate in a wide range of these experiences. Many of them come away with a new and more realistic understanding of the challenges involved in policing diverse urban neighborhoods. Our resident volunteers seek to “give back” to our community and guide the next generation toward improving the vitality and quality of life in Mattapan and Dorchester. They participate in a variety of events as diverse as bowling, deep see fishing, reviving baseball in the inner city program, and the renowned Senior Ball.

District Three host the Crime Reduction Meetings. This coalition is designed to help numerous organizations come together to coordinate their efforts, share information and help each other create new ways to solve difficult problems associated with gang violence. Our bi-monthly meetings have already yielded effective collaboration efforts and many crimes prevention initiatives resulting in a major reduction in violent and gang related incidents during 2009.


Captain Joseph Boyle
Commanding Officer – District B-3