Mattapan Street Search Warrant Produces Guns & DrugsOn Tuesday, March 31, 2009, at approximately 5:19pm, Members of the BPD Youth Violence Strike Force, The Special Investigations Unit & The Swat Team, proceeded to 17 Mattapan Street, apartment #2 in order to execute a search warrant issued out of Suffolk Superior Court.
Officers arrived on-scene and the BPD Swat Team was able to make entry into the suspect residence. Once inside, a search was conducted and the following items were located and seized; a 9mm rifle (loaded), a Beretta 9mm handgun (loaded), a Luger 9mm handgun (loaded), Forty-Seven (47) bags of Marijuana, Numerous bags of crack cocaine (in excess of 235 grams), Large capacity magazines (loaded with various types of ammunition), Numerous items utilized in the packaging of illegal narcotics, such as: plastic bags and a digital scale, numerous personal papers in the name(s) of Anthony Davis and Kenneth Davis, both of 17 Mattapan Street. It should be noted that neither one of these suspects were home at the time of the search warrant.
As a result of the above-mentioned findings, Members of the BPD Fugitive Unit, The YVSF and the United States Marshall’s Service set up surveillance in the area of Bowdoin Street / Geneva Avenue in order to locate the two suspects. At approximately 6:10pm, Officers located one of the suspects within 117 Bowdoin Street, apartment #3. The suspect was placed into custody on the charges of Possession of a Firearm (multiple counts) and Trafficking a Class B Substance (crack cocaine) over Two-Hundred (200) grams.
Loud Party Call Lands One In Jail For Supplying Alcohol to Underage Partiers
On Saturday, April 4, 2009, at approximately 12:45am, Officers assigned to Area B-2 (Roxbury), responded to a call for a loud party taking place at 4 Folsom Avenue.
Officers arrived on-scene and were allowed into the residence. Officers observed a large number of people consuming alcohol throughout the property. Officers learned several individuals drinking alcohol were under the legal age of Twenty-One. Officers identified the occupant of the apartment and learned he was also the host of the party.
Officers arrested David Moyer, 20, of Boston on the charges of Keeper of a Disorderly House and Procuring Alcohol to Persons Under the Age of Twenty-One.
Suspect Arrested After Stabbing In Bar
On Friday, April 3, 2009, at approximately 9:45pm, Officers assigned to Area B-2 (Roxbury), responded to 187 Norfolk Avenue, The Shirley Bar, for a report of a person with a knife.
Officers arrived on-scene and entered the bar. They observed chairs turned over and blood on the floor. A witness informed officers that a female stabbed another female patron after an argument. The witness went on to state that the suspect was told to leave the property prior to the stabbing because she was carrying several knives in her waistband. The victim sustained a stab wound to her hand as a result of the altercation but fled before the arrival of the officers. The witness gave officers a detailed description of the perpetrator and advised them of her direction of flight.
Shortly thereafter, Officers located a female fitting the description walking on Norfolk Street towards Proctor Street. Officers stopped the suspect and conducted a pat frisk for their safety. As a result, two knives were located in her rear pocket. A clear plastic bag of crack cocaine was also located. The witness identified the suspect as the person who stabbed the unknown victim within the bar.
Officers arrested Gina Otey, 39 of Boston on the charges of Assault & Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife) and Possession of a Class B Substance (crack cocaine).
The defendant later informed B-2 Detectives that the fight was over the purchase of crack cocaine. She further stated that she got “short changed”.
Two Home Invaders Apprehended by C-11 Officers
On Thursday, April 2, 2009, officers assigned to area C-11 (Dorchester), responded to 367 Adams Street for a report of a Breaking & Entering in progress.
Officers arrived on-scene and spoke with several witnesses who informed them of two individuals running from the area after hearing glass breaking. A detailed description of the two was given and broadcast to other C-11 officers. Officers then inspected several buildings in the general area looking for broken glass. A broken window was located in the rear of 367 Adams Street. The resident of 367 Adams Street informed officers that he heard his door knob “jiggle” before hearing a knock. He then opened the door and observed two individuals standing there. It should be noted that the victim gave a similar description of the suspects as the witnesses gave. The victim went on to state that the two men ran into his apartment and stated, “give me the money” before taking hold of a broom stick and striking him with it. The victim fled to his kitchen and grabbed a knife and chased the suspects out of his house. The victim was able to lock the door after they fled. The suspects attempted to re-gain entry into the victim’s home by kicking the door. Before leaving the property, one of the suspects threw a rock through the victim’s window.
Officers located two suspects fitting the description walking on Centre Street. The suspects were detained pending identification. All witnesses and the victim were able to identify the two as the perpetrators.
Officers arrested two Black Males, 20 & 17, from Boston on the charges of Assault Within a Dwelling House.