Bike Thieves Deterred by Off Duty OfficerYesterday, 9/21/08 around 7:49PM, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to the Best Buy located at 401 Park Drive and Brookline Ave. for two males trying to steal a bicycle. An off-duty officer who had observed two individuals trying to cut a cable attaching a bike to a bike rack had requested officers.
On arrival, officers observed two suspects trying to cut the cable off of a bike that was locked to a bike rack. As officers approached the suspects, they observed the officers and attempted to flee on foot. After a brief foot pursuit, both suspects were caught and placed under arrest.
After the suspects were placed under arrest, officers recovered another bicycle believed to have been stolen in addition to the one that the suspects had been trying to cut the lock. A 14-year-old male juvenile from Roxbury along with 20-year-old Abdisalam I. Ahmed of Boston were arrested and charged with Larceny over $250, Receiving Stolen Property over $250, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.
Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested with Firearm
Last night around 9:12PM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston and Charlestown) responded to a radio call for a victim that had been assaulted with a gun in attempted robbery.
Officers responded to the location of the victim and there learned from the victim that shortly before police arrival, he was walking through Carney Court when four suspects approached him. The victim further reported that after these four individuals approached him, one of them pointed a gun at him and demanded his money. The victim reported when he told the suspects that he had no money, he was struck in the head with the gun and the suspects got in a nearby station wagon and fled the scene.
Officers broadcast a description of the suspects’ car and shortly thereafter learned that other officers had observed the same car about three hours before the attempted robbery, and that the same car had been involved in an incident involving a firearm several weeks ago.
Armed with the above information, officers continued to canvass the area when they observed the suspects’ car traveling area of Green Street and Bunker Hill Street eventually stopping in front of 39 Old Landing Way. There, officers approached the car and removed the occupants from the car and detained the occupants pending a possible identification by the victim. Based on the facts explained to officers by the victim, and investigative information gathered by officers about a gun, officers performed a frisk of the car and recovered a handgun. The victim was then brought to where the car had been stopped and successfully identified one of the occupants of the car as having been involved in the robbery and assault on the victim.
Suspect, Michael F. Marinez, 19, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Armed Assault with Intent to Rob, Firearm in Use of a Felony, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawfully Carrying of a Firearm without a License, Carrying a Loaded Firearm.
Armed Robbery Doesn’t Pay for These Two Suspects
This morning around 3:30AM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspects, Willanetti M. Hairston, 34, of Roxbury and Stanley Munroe, 43, of Dorchester and charged them with Armed Robbery and Threats.
Officers initially responded to 830 Washington St. for a robbery in progress. On scene, officers spoke to the victim who told officers that he was walking on Washington St. when he was approached by two described suspects and pulled into a doorway where the suspects then demanded his money. The victim reported that he gave his wallet along with some loose change to the suspects who then threatened to stab him if he called the police or told anyone.
Officers then searched the area based on the description of the suspects given by the victim, and their possible direction of flight. During a search of the area, officers located two individuals matching the suspects’ description and detained them pending a possible identification by the victim. The victim was returned to the scene and positively identified both suspects as the ones who robbed him.
After being placed under arrest and post Miranda, suspects volunteered to give back to the victim the amount of money that had been stolen from him in order “…to be dome with this.”