“Operation Clean Sweep” Makes Street CleanerYesterday morning around 3:00am, officers from District C-6 were conducting Operation Clean Sweep, an operation designed to diminish the number of B&E to cars in the Boston St. and Massachusetts Ave, area when they observed two individuals a suspicious male walking in the parking lot of the Great Wok Restaurant located at the intersection of Mass. Ave. and Boston Street.
Officers observed this individual walk from the parking lot of the restaurant, across Boston Street, then to into a driveway on Boston St. all the while clutching his waist. Based on this individual’s behavior, and the time of time, officers decided to conduct a threshold inquiry. Officers stopped their vehicle and upon exiting their vehicle, he ran to the back of the driveway and fled to elude capture by officers. Officers pursued the suspect, and ended up finding the suspect hiding under a car near the intersection of Boston and Enterprise Streets. Upon being found by officers, the suspect once led officers through the parking lot and back yards towards Boston St. where he was finally stopped and apprehended.
After the suspect was stopped, officers found two GPS devices, a GPS car charger, and a black ski mask in the area where the suspect had been found hiding. After finding these items, officers returned to the parking of the Great Wok Restaurant where they found a car with its front window smashed. Officers were able to find the owner and learned from him that his car had been broken into and his GPS system stolen. One of the two GPS systems found was positively identified as having been stolen from the victim’s car.
The suspect, Ramon O. Pinnick, 18, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with two counts of Receiving Stolen Property over $250.00 and two counts of Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle in the Nighttime.
Anonymous Caller Helps to Arrest B&E Suspect
Yesterday around 5:45pm, officers from District B-2 arrested suspect, Carlos A. Perez, 32, of Lowell at 139 Hillside St. in Mission Hill and charged him with Attempted Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.
Officers were dispatched to 135 Hillside St. in Mission Hill due a 911 call received a call from a concerned citizen who reported seeing a Hispanic male about 20-30 years old, 5’9” with thin build wearing a striped shirt, blue jeans and carrying a blue book bag trying to break into a blue minivan with a hammer and a screwdriver in front of the above address. Numerous units responded and the suspect was located on Darling St., a short distance from the scene. During the stop, officers recovered from the suspect’s bag, the described hammer and screwdriver.
Officers returned to the scene of the incident, and there located the described vandalized minivan with the rear passenger door locked removed.
Safe Street Team Arrests Suspect Shortly after Armed Robbery
Last night, Sunday, April 20, 2008, around 10:00p, the victim of an armed robbery walked in to B-3 (Mattapan and Dorchester) to report an armed robbery that had just taken place in the court yard behind 30 Stratton St. in Dorchester. The victim provided a description of the suspects which was immediately broadcast to units on the street.
Safe Street Team officers assigned to the Franklin Field Housing Development were on patrol at the time of the broadcast and almost immediately observed three individuals matching the broadcast suspects’ descriptions. These three individuals were known to officers from their continued patrol and interaction with residents of the development. Officers stopped these three individuals for a threshold inquiry to determine if they had been involved in the armed robbery of the victim. A pat frisk was conducted of the three stopped individuals and of one of the three was found to have a silver pocket knife.
The three suspects were detained while the victim was brought to the scene to see if he could identify any of the three as the perpetrators of his armed robbery. On arrival at the location of the stopped individuals, the victim positively identified one f the three individuals as having been the one who wielded the knife during the robbery. As it turns out, this was the same individual who had possessed the knife during the pat frisk.
A 16 year old suspect from Dorchester was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery. A subsequent search of the area resulted in officers finding the victim’s radio which was stolen from him during the robbery.