Daily Incidents for Monday, October 15, 2007

Burglar Caught in the Act Yesterday, Sunday October 14 at 4:00pm D-4 (South End) officers responded to 15 Queensbury Street for a Breaking and Entering in Progress. A caller reported that he observed someone climb the fire escape and enter the building through a window that was opened with a screwdriver. On arrival, officers noticed a window by the fire escape to be ajar.
As one of the officers entered the front door of the building, a man walked out the front door with two packages and a computer in his arms. The officer stated, “Boston Police, what’s your name?” to which the suspect replied, “Garcia.” At this time, the suspect threw the goods he was carrying at the officer and attempted to make his escape. The officer’s radio became dislodged from his hip and landed on the sidewalk after the packages were thrown at him. A struggle ensued between the suspect and the officer, who could not call for backup without his radio. Soon after, concerned citizens came to the officer’s aid; some calling 911 on their cell phones while others helped to gain control of the suspect, who continued to resist arrest.
The suspect was eventually handcuffed and placed under arrest. A pat down of the suspect yielded a computer power cord and a screwdriver, which were held as evidence. 32 year-old Pedro Garcia, was charged with Larceny, Destruction of Personal Property, Breaking and Entering in the Daytime of a Dwelling/House, Resisting Arrest, and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer with Injuries.
Officer Arrest Suspect, Recover Knife on Boston Common
Yesterday, Sunday, October 14 at 5:26pm, A-1 (Downtown) officers responded to a radio call for a person with a knife in the Boston Common. It was reported that a white female was attempting to stab a white male near Park and Beacon Streets. A description of the suspect was broadcast over the radio. Officers soon located an individual fitting the description and stopped her in the area of Park and Tremont Streets.
While speaking to the victim, he stated to officers that he was approached by the suspect while he was walking through the Common. She asked him for some spare change, to which he obliged. He further stated that the suspect continued to follow him, demanding more money. When the victim refused, the suspect brandished a knife. It was at this time the suspect fled.
The suspect was positively identified by the victim and placed under arrest. Brittany Fontecchio, 20, of Braintree was charged with Intent to Rob While Armed. Officers did recover a knife from Fontecchio’s person and the weapon was seized as evidence.
Vigilant Officers Recover Stolen Motor Vehicle, Arrest Two Suspects
At approximately 6:45pm on Sunday, October 14, officers on patrol observed the operator of a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee fail to signal while taking a left turn from Ruggles Street onto Parker Street. Upon running the vehicle’s registration, officers discovered that the vehicle was listed as stolen.
Officers began to follow the vehicle down Ruggles Street, heading onto Huntington Avenue without lights and sirens. As officers radioed for backup, the vehicle came to a stop near Northeastern University. Both occupants suddenly fled the vehicle and ran over a footbridge, toward Camden Street, with officers in pursuit. The suspects were ignoring commands from the officers to stop. At the bottom of the footbridge, both suspects were apprehended.
Roark Lopez, 40, of Boston was found to have an active warrant for his arrest and to be operating after the suspension of his driver’s license. Lopez was charged with Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle, Operating after Revocation or Suspension, and Using Motor Vehicle without Authority. Toni Janis, 22, of Woonsocket, Rhode Island was found to have a default warrant out of Taunton District Court. She was additionally charged with Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle.

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