Early this morning, between the hours of 6:30am and 9:00am, members of the Boston Police Department working in partnership with the Registry of Motor Vehicles Safety and Compliance Team performed Operation Guardian Angel. This operation utilizes several police officers from each district, including B-3, C-6, D-14 and E-5, along with MBTA Transit Police and Registry Inspectors, to conduct inspections on vans used to transport children to and from school.During this operation, the enforcement teams stopped and inspected 132 vans and station wagons as well as 61 school busses en route to schools and day care centers to drop off student passengers. A total of 155 violations were issued with a total fine amount of $5,375.00. Violations ranged from failure of the operator to wear a seatbelt to improper equipment. One criminal citation was issued for the overloading of a vehicle.
The Boston Police Department is committed to keeping children safe and will continue to conduct inspections like these to ensure compliance with the law.

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