Daily Incidents for Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who Let the Dogs Out?Yesterday morning just after 9:00am, officers attempted to serve a warrant at 9 Ridge Street in Roslindale. Shortly after knocking on the door, officers observed an individual fitting the description of the suspect entering a different door of the building. The suspect adamantly denied her identity and was uncooperative when officers handcuffed her, as she struggled to break free. She insisted that officers let her go to her apartment on the first floor to retrieve her identification.
The first floor apartment was believed to contain aggressive pit bulls, as on arrival officers observed them running in the front and back yards and finally into the house. Soon after, the dogs could be heard barking and seen aggressively throwing themselves against the window. For this reason, the on-scene officers split up, with one remaining at the front of the building to hold the dogs’ attention while the others entered the rear door with the suspect. Once in the apartment, the suspect was unsuccessful in securing the animals as well as locating her identification.
For the safety of all parties, the officers brought the suspect to the second floor apartment. As the suspect began to sit down, she suddenly turned and ran out of the apartment, back down to the first floor, with officers in pursuit. Although she was still handcuffed, she managed to kick open the door to the first apartment and let the pit bulls out. As officers regained control of the suspect, three vicious dogs charged into the stairwell. The animals were growling, scratching, and snapping at the officers, the suspect, and each other. The suspect sustained a bite to the left thigh at this time.
The officers attempted to contain the dogs in a third floor apartment, but momentarily the pit bulls had escaped outside, and were charging after officers in the backyard. At this time, Animal Control responded to the scene and the dogs were eventually forcibly restrained and removed from the home. A fourth dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, was also removed. All dogs were brought to the City of Boston Animal Control Shelter in Roslindale. A City Inspector arrived on scene and proceeded to do a sweep of the residence with officers. No other people were located, but it was noted that the entire house was in disarray, littered with dog feces and urine in most rooms.
EMS responded to treat the suspect for the dog bite she sustained and transported her to Brigham and Women’s Hospital for further evaluation and treatment. The suspect was treated and released to the custody of police, who returned her to Area E-5 (West Roxbury) for booking. Donna Pimental, 46, of Roslindale was placed under arrest for outstanding default warrants in Boston, Woburn, and Dedham. She was also charged with Resisting Arrest and Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon: to wit Pit Bulls.
Vigilant Victim Helps to Arrest Suspect
Around 10:30am on September 11, 2007, officers responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering at 4 Elbow Street in East Boston. On arrival, officers interviewed the victims as well as witnesses. These individuals provided a physical description of the suspect along with his direction of flight. The information was immediately broadcast over the radio. Soon thereafter, officers located a man, who was speaking on a cell phone, fitting the description walking in the Maverick Square area.
As officers approached and began to question the individual, the victim arrived on-scene in a vehicle and began yelling, “That’s him! He entered my apartment and I told him to get out!” After this positive identification, officers placed Jose Ramon Sariles, 31, of East Boston under arrest for Trespassing and Attempted Breaking and Entering of a Residence in the Daytime.
Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest, Recovered Stolen Vehicle
Yesterday at 12:35pm, an officer patrolling the Harvard Street area of Dorchester observed a motor vehicle with a broken taillight and no front license plate. Officers attempted to pull the vehicle over by activating lights and sirens; however, the driver increased speed and continued on Harvard Street. Officers followed the vehicle until it eventually stopped at the corner of Vassar Street and Harvard Avenue.
The operator of the motor vehicle already had his hands in the air and appeared extremely anxious as officers approached the car. When asked for his license, the individual stated that he did not have a driver’s license and that was why he was so nervous. Officers asked if there were any weapons in the car and he reported that there were no weapons and invited officers to search. After the operator was pat-frisked for weapons, officers searched the car and discovered a silver firearm hidden in a bag of clothing. The firearm was taken as evidence and was later determined to be a BB gun. A registry query of the vehicle revealed it to be stolen.
Officers arrested Joseph Alston, 21, of Dorchester, with Operating a Motor Vehicle Without a License and Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle.

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