Daily Incidents For Sunday, August 19, 2007

Suspect Arrested On Firearm ChargesYesterday at 5:30pm, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force were on patrol in the Quincy/Magnolia Street area and observed two unknown males on bicycles in front of 235 Quincy Street. As officers approached, one of the individuals quickly dropped his bicycle and stepped into the doorway of 235 Quincy Street. Officers drove further down Quincy Street and turned around to observe the suspect riding his bike on Quincy Street with two other unknown males. Officers continued to monitor the suspect as he rode down Quincy Street before turning right onto Howard Avenue. The suspect continued on Howard Avenue and turned into an alley. As officers approached the suspect he dropped his bike and began running on Howard Avenue clutching his waist area. Officers followed the suspect and observed him remove a firearm from his front waistband area as he ran. At that time, officers observed the suspect throw the firearm into the front yard of 90 Wayland Street. The suspect continued to run on Wayland Street, stopped in front of 96 Wayland Street, placed his hands in the air before quickly running into the rear of the house jumping the fence. Daryl Elliot, 17, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Carrying Loaded Firearm, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of CLass D, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Trespassing. Officers did recover the firearm.
Drug Arrest
Yesterday at 6:30pm, members of the Drug Control Unit from District E-5 were in the area of Washington and Lagrange Streets. Officers observed an off duty officer on the corner of Pheasant and Washington Streets speaking to an individual who was standing in front of a black pick-up truck with heavy front end damage. The off duty officer informed the other officers that he observed the pick-up truck in the middle of the street with the driver appearing to have dosed or nodded off. The officer beeped his horn several times but got no response. Finally the driver pulled to the curb and exited the vehicle. The officer immediately identified himself as a police officer and radio for assistance. Officers asked the suspect where the heavy front-end damage to his vehicle came from and he stated he hit a telephone pole somewhere on Centre Street. An examination of the vehicle front end revealed white paint on the front bumper and passenger side front fender. Officers looked into the vehicle thru an open window and observed a needle on the front passenger seat. Ronnie Mahoney, 29, of Dedham was arrested and charged with Possession of Class A. Officers did recover drugs and needles.
At 6:38pm, a woman walked into District E-5 to report that while driving her white vehicle on Centre Street her vehicle was struck by a black pick-up truck. She stated that she pulled to the curb to exchange paper when the vehicle fled the scene. Both incidents are under investigation.
Two Arrested After Shots Fired
Last night around 8:30pm, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force responded to a call for shots fired at Blue Hill Avenue and Frontenac Street. A description of a small red car was given out as fleeing the scene of the shooting. While traveling on Washington Street officers observed a red vehicle matching the description, driven by a black male traveling the opposite direction. Officers turned around and attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle came to a stop at Washington Street and Park Street.
As officers approached the vehicle, the rear passenger quickly exited the vehicle with a firearm in his right hand. He suddenly made a throwing motion with both hands causing the firearm to land on the sidewalk. At that time the suspect turned and began running. The suspect ran across Washington Street down Kenberma Road. Officers observed the suspect crouched behind a shed.
Officers apprehended Nathaniel Awan, 18, of Dorchester and charged him with Assault by Mean of a Dangerous Weapon, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession Ammunition, Possession Large Capacity Feeding Device, Buying, Receiving or Concealing Stolen Goods and Firearm Discharge with 500ft of a Dwelling.
In the meantime, officers attempted to secure the other two occupants of the vehicle. As officers approached the vehicle sped off. Officers located an unoccupied vehicle that matched the description of the vehicle in front of 7 Topliff Street. Officers arrived on scene and verified the vehicle.
At about 10:35pm, the owner of the vehicle arrived at District C-11 to report his vehicle stolen. Officers identified him as the operator of the vehicle. Officers arrested Ramses Smith, 29, of Framingham and charged him with Failure to Stop for a Police Officer, Assault by mean of a Dangerous Weapon, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession Ammunition, Possession Large capacity Feeding Device, Buying, Receiving or Concealing Stolen Goods and Firearm Discharge with 500ft of a Dwelling. Officers did recover a firearm.
Take Me Out Of The Ball Park
Last night at 8:46pm, officers from District D-4 while performing a paid detail at Fenway Park were approached by Fenway Security and an individual. Officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the individual. The suspect was complaining that he was prevented entry into the game due to his intoxication. Officers advised the individual that Fenway Security is allowed to prevent people who are intoxicated from entering the park. Officers advised the individual to leave the gate area. That individual continued to argue and refused to leave the Gate C area. Officers began to escort the individual from the gate at which time he turned around and pushed the officer.
Christopher Sucky, 22, of Wrentham was arrested and charged with Trespassing, Disorderly and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.

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