MORE THAN A SUSPENDED LICENSEAt about 7:17pm, on Tuesday, June 5, 2007, officers from Area B-2 (Roxbury) conducted a traffic stop at 66 South Huntington Avenue in Jamaica Plain. As officers approached the vehicle, the operator of the car identified himself as Scott Petrack. A check through the computer in the cruiser showed that the above individual had a suspended license. Officers then arrested Scott Petrack, 46, of Brookline and charged him with Operating After License Suspended. Officers then conducted a pat frisk of suspect and discovered two glassine pipes, commonly used for smoking crack cocaine.
Officers then asked the suspect if there was any crack cocaine on his person or in his motor vehicle. Suspect replied, \”there is none on me, but there\’s some stuff in my bag.\” Officers then conducted an inventory search of the motor vehicle. After observing a number of items (plastic bags, pipes, rubber tubing, bottles of unknown liquids, ice colored rock substances) consistent with items found in a methamphetamine lab, officers decided to call the Boston Police and Boston Fire Hazmat Units. Upon the arrival of the Hazmat Units, all the above items were collected and logged into evidence. The Hazmat Units then determined that the recovered items were not the components of ‘meth’ lab, but rather a collection of designer drugs. After collecting the above items, officers then charged Petrack with Possession and Intent to Distribute Class ‘A’ Drugs, Possession and Intent to Distribute Class ‘B’ Drugs and the Possession and Intent to Distribute Class ‘C’ Drugs.

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