Boston Police Recruits To Honor Fallen OfficersWHO: 80 Boston Police Recruits
WHAT: Boston Police recruits, who are set to graduate this week, will jog through city streets this morning with a final destination of the Boston Police memorial at Police Headquarters. The recruits will carry a wreath along their run and ultimately lay that wreath at the memorial in honor of fallen BPD officers. This final run prior to graduation is a tradition for the Boston Police. The graduation is this Thursday (graduation details to follow).
WHERE: Boston Police Headquarters (Police Memorial is outside)
WHEN: Tuesday May 22nd
Finish: 10:00 am (memorial)
ROUTE: Starting at 8:00am, recruits leave the Police Academy in Hyde Park. The route will take the recruits to Truman Highway to Brush Hill Rd. to Blue Hill Ave. to Seaver St. to Columbus Ave. to Tremont Street to One Schroeder Plaza (Boston Police Headquarters).

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