Mayor Menino and Police Commissioner Davis Warn Against Drinking and Driving

Prom and graduation season is upon us, and thousands of teens and their families will be celebrating over the next several weekends. This should be a joyous occasion.The City of Boston and The Boston Police District E-5 (West Roxbury) in conjunction with West Roxbury Safety Committee is conducting an annual program that raises awareness to the consequences of drunk driving and not wearing seatbelts. This program consists of placing heavily damaged vehicles in key locations around District E-5. These damaged vehicles accompanied with a sign stating “Boston Police ask STAY ALIVE, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE and SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES-BUCKLE UP”.
Mayor Menino stated “We would ask that young people be smart and safe this season. Celebrating the end of high school with prom and graduation is a rite of passage. One instance of drunken driving can end it all. It is not worth it.”
Commissioner Ed Davis stated, “Prom and graduation season is a time for young adults and their families to celebrate a momentous occasion. We encourage you to celebrate responsibly by complying with all alcohol laws and refraining from drinking and driving.”
The Boston Police Department hopes to discourage drunk driving by strategically placing these heavily damaged vehicles in highly visible locations to remind citizen of the hazards of drinking and driving. These vehicles will be in these locations until Monday June 4, 2007.
The placements for these “wrecks” are at:
1. West Roxbury High School,
2. Catholic Memorial High School,
3. The Holy Name rotary, and
4. Adams Park in Roslindale Square.
The Boston Police Department recommends these points to ensure a safe prom season.
· When you get into a vehicle, buckle up and make sure everyone else in the car does the same. This may be the most important thing a person can do. Even a driver operating in accordance with every safe practice may encounter another vehicle that isn’t, or someone darting into the roadway.
· Don\’t drink and drive. If you\’ve been drinking, DON\’T DRIVE. If you\’re not driving and the person you are with has been drinking, then don\’t let them drive. Don\’t get into a car with someone who has been drinking. If you need a ride home, call your parents or a friend: They\’ll understand.
· Be responsible remember, if you are driving, then you are responsible for your safety and the safety of everyone in the car. A moment\’s lapse of focus could be the difference between arriving safely, being involved in a serious crash.

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